Body Fat Scans & Macro Setup

Body Fat Scans & Macro Setup

Have you ever been curious what your body fat percentage is, what your macros are, or what to do with those numbers? Lucky for you, we do FREE body fat scans AND macro setup at our storefront in Eau Claire.

If you’re familiar with our website, you would know that we have a macro calculator that will help you set up your macros. Not sure what a macro is? Don’t worry, we have a blog that explains everything you need to know here! If you’d prefer assistance with setting up your macros or finding out your body fat, stop into our storefront and our NASM Certified storefront team will guide you through the process.

The first step is step onto our body composition analyzer. This analyzer will ask for your gender, age, height, and what your activity level is. If you’re not sure where to rate your activity level, our team will help you select the right mode.

After the analyzer determines your weight and body fat percentage, we can then take these numbers and put them into our macro setup spreadsheet. This spreadsheet helps determine what macros will be best for your goals whether those are weight gain/loss, or to maintain weight.

This is an example of what your macro setup will look like! After we fill out the necessary information, your goal, activity level, and your preference on carbohydrates or fats is selected. Once these variables are determined, your macros are spit out!

We can save this information in one of our folders and if you’d like to see your progress, we will update the information on our end whenever you’d like! If you have any questions about body fat scans or setting up your macros, send us an email, or simply stop in and we will be sure to help.


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