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Salmon Burger on Brown & Wild Rice

Salmon Portion
Delicious salmon burger on a bed of brown and wild rice, paired with provolone cheese! Squeeze a fresh lemon on top and enjoy a portion control tartar sauce. 
Don't want the tartar sauce? You can subtract 8F, 6C, 0P from the totals! 

Available in regular and double portion options.

Nutrition (REG): 23g Fat (5g Saturated Fat), 73mg Cholesterol, 845mg Sodium, 34g Carb (2g Fiber, 5g Sugar), 27g Protein, 445 kCal

Nutrition (DBL)34g Fat (7g Saturated Fat), 128mg Cholesterol, 1325mg Sodium, 37g Carb (2g Fiber, 5g Sugar), 47g Protein, 636 kCal

Ingredients: salmon burger, brown rice, wild rice, lemon slice, provolone cheese, tartar sauce

Allergens: Fish, Eggs, Milk