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Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken Portion
Our take on a classic flavor: Chicken Bacon Ranch! We've built a healthier version of this delicious dressing using Greek Yogurt and seasonings. Add the dressing to the chicken, red potatoes and broccoli - OR, dip your chicken in as you go!

Available in regular and double portion options.

Nutrition (REG): 4g Fat (0.9g Saturated Fat), 84.5mg Cholesterol, 301mg Sodium, 29.5g Carb (3.5g Fiber, 4g Sugar), 36.5g Protein, 300 kCal

Nutrition (DBL): 7g Fat (1.3g Saturated Fat), 165.5mg Cholesterol, 511mg Sodium, 30.5g Carb (4g Fiber, 4g Sugar), 53.5g Protein, 399 kCal

Ingredients: chicken breast, broccoli, red potato, bacon ranch dressing (Greek yogurt, skim milk, ranch seasoning, chives, bacon bits, paprika)

Allergens: Milk, soy