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When will my order be readY?

Currently, we online orders operate on a weekly basis with Friday at midnight each week being the order cutoff time. Order online before Friday at midnight and your order is ready to pick up or it ships on Monday, ***If you miss the order deadline, your meals will be processed until the following weekend.

Do you deliver to me?

Yes! We deliver both locally and nationwide. We deliver locally in Wisconsin to the Eau Claire area at this time. Local deliveries are dropped off each Monday in an insulated bag. Shipping orders go out each Monday via UPS in an insulated bag (meals come fresh, not frozen) and arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.

can i customize a meal?

Absolutely, you can build your own meals from our custom meal options! Unfortunately we do not customize the signature menu in order to streamline them and keep our prices affordable!

how do i set up a subscription?

Simply create a customer account and click "subscribe" in your cart. Click here for the subscription help page! Each week you will receive an email as a reminder if you would like to update your meal selections. You are never locked in and can always skip a week!

what is a craving crusher and how do I get one?

Craving Crushers are protein packed treats we make each week that help with your diet adherence. They come FREE with all orders over 10+ meals. At this time, you can not buy Craving Crushers and this is the only way to receive one. Learn more about our Craving Crushers here.



If you live near a storefront, no need to pre-order! Stop on in and browse what we have in stock. Chat with our nutrition trained staff and get your macros set-up or body fat composition scanned free of charge.

Why isn't shipping free?

We do not build in shipping costs to the price of the meals because we have many local customers who this would be a disservice to do so. Instead, we have live rates built in to the site - this is the cost to get the meals safely to you. We ship ground when possible but any transit times more than a 2 day shipment must be upgraded to an air shipment. Even at $1-2 per meal for shipping, we are still very fairly priced for the quality of meals you will be receiving! To get the best rates per meal, fill up our various box sizes of 10, 16, or 32 meals.

How do local deliveries work?

Our local deliveries in Wisconsin to the Eau Claire area go out each Monday afternoon in insulated bags to your home or business. The delivery fee is $7.99 but you can earn $5 back on each subsequent delivery when you return the insulated bag. To return the bag, leave your empty, good condition bag on your outside door handle and our delivery driver will pick it up and drop off your next order.

do you do "enter fad diet here" meals?

You can always view our entire menu and nutrition information here. We do not advocate fad diets that have no scientific validation. Instead, we advocate a balanced and flexible approach which encourages long term adherence and nutritional education. If you have dietary guidelines from your registered dietician that you need help picking out meals for, we would be glad to help!

Does the menu ever change?

Yes! We like to rotate anywhere from 2-3 meals a month to keep some variety of options. This means your favorite meal may rotate off the menu (we're sorry)! We make rotation decisions based on what is the most popular meals while maintaining a variety of protein options.

How many meals do i need to reach "x" goal?

This is a bit of a loaded question. There is no "one size fits all eat this to achieve that" type of plans. To start out, we recommend checking out our free macronutrient setup resource. This will give you your daily macronutrient requirements for whatever goal you have entered!


We do not do many discounts or promotions - instead we try to price our meals fairly always so you can adhere to a new healthy lifestyle.

However, we do offer a service discount for our military, police, and firefighters. To receive this discount, simply fill out this form with your position, where you work, and an ID number. We will send you a 10% discount code that you can utilize on all of your purchases! Thank you for your service!

can i freeze the meals?

You bet! The containers they come in are freezer safe and you can safely store meals in the freezer for up to a couple of months.

do custom meals come with a nutrition label?

Yes! Each meal is ran through our software to calculate the macronutrients for you. We print out that nutrition data and stick it on a convenient little label for you so you can stay on track with your goals.

Do you sell family sized portions?

We do not! We focus on the individual meal for your busy times during the day. Each meal is portioned for a single person.

Are your meals in myfitnesspal?

Absolutely! Just search the meal title and "Midwest Meals" on MyFitnessPal and we are in the database. We are constantly updating our nutrition information for any tweaks we make so you can rest assured that each label claim is accurate!