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8 OZ Chicken Build-A-Meal

Carb Choice

The Chicken Build-A-Meal lets you have a little more control on your choices - perfect for hitting specific macronutrient goal! The chicken is all natural and no hormones were used.



Chicken: 6F, 2C, 54P, 279 calories

Broccoli: 0F, 5C, 3P, 32 calories

Green Beans: 0F, 6C, 1P, 28 calories

Mixed Vegetables: 0F, 12C, 2P, 56 calories

Fiesta Blend Corn & Black Beans: 2.5F, 16C, 4P, 100 calories

Jasmine Rice: 0F, 42C, 3P, 180 calories

Loaded Mashed Potato: 4.5F, 23.5C, 11P, 179 calories

Sweet Potato Mash:  0F, 23C, 1.5P, 98 calories

Red Potato: 0F, 16.5C, 2P, 74 calories

BBQ: 0F, 9C, 0P, 45 calories

Mango Habanero Salsa: 0F, 8C, 0P, 32 calories

Walden Farms Ranch: 0F, 0C, 0P, 0 calories