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Angus Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

This juicy Angus Burger (made with natural, minimally processed beef) will CRUSH your desire for fast food without all the negatives of a deep-fried burger. 

This burger is topped with freshly chopped red onions, a slice of mild cheddar cheese, and sesame seeds. On the side, enjoy a delicious dill pickle (or pick it off, your choice) and our skin-on sweet potato fries! Top the entire thing with natural & low sodium ketchup. 

Nutrition (REG): 29.5g Fat (12g Saturated Fat), 100mg Cholesterol, 980mg Sodium, 30g Carb (0g Fiber, 12g Sugar), 30g Protein, 506 kCal

Ingredientsbeef, sweet potatoes, mild cheddar cheese, red onions, dill pickle spear, sesame seeds, ketchup (natural with sugar and low sodium)

Allergens: Milk