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Maple Sugar Protein Balls

The idea for Craving Crushers goes back to our WHYour ULTIMATE goal is to end the obesity epidemic in the US. We created these protein treats to help develop a long term healthy relationship with food and help with diet adherence.

The flavor of the month for October is MAPLE SUGAR and we have a new and improved recipe we think you are going to LOVE!

Perfect pre or post workout, or any time during the day between meals when you feel yourself having those cravings!

Nutrition (Per Ball - 4 Balls Per Pack):
  • 8g Fat
  • 14g Carbs
  • 8g Protein
  • 160 Calories
  • 0.5g Fiber
  • 70mg Sodium

Ingredients: peanut butter, rolled oats, whey protein isolate (90%), organic golden flax seeds, maple powder, vanilla extract, erythritol, water

Allergens:Peanuts, Milk, Soy, Wheat