Protein Dough (New Inclusions Weekly)

Protein Dough (New Inclusions Weekly)

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Introducing our Protein Dough – the guilt-free, protein-packed delight that makes snacking a joy without compromising your goals!


Crafted from a perfect blend of whey protein, almond butter, skim milk, and oat flour, each jar promises a delectable fusion of flavors that keeps you coming back for more.


Whether you're fueling up pre or post-workout or simply satisfying those midday cravings, our Protein Dough is your go-to solution. With 15g of protein per serving and approximately 200 calories, it's a nutritious treat that supports your fitness journey.


But here's the best part – it tastes just like you're cheating on your diet! Spoon it straight from the jar and indulge guilt-free, knowing you're nourishing your body with every bite.


Plus, enjoy a free jar with every pre-order of 10+ meals – our way of saying thank you for joining us on the path to healthier living.


Fuel your day with Protein Dough – because healthy snacking should always be this delicious!


Perfect for:

  • Moms on the go
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Those seeking a healthy alternative to sugary snacks
  • Anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to stay on track with their goals


We include fun new flavors as inclusions every week. June’s theme is “Nostalgic Cereals from Your Childhood.””

·      Fruity Pebbles – Pre-order deadline 5/31

·      Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Pre-order deadline 6/7

·      Cocoa Pebbles – Pre-order deadline 6/14

·      Apple Jacks – Pre-order deadline 6/21

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