All About Meal Subscriptions

All About Meal Subscriptions

Whether you want to commit to yourself with a subscription or you have a hard time remembering to order before our Friday at midnight (CST) deadline, subscriptions are something worth considering! Today we are going to give you a behind the scene's look at our subscription portal and talk all things subscriptions! 


For Starters, Why Would You Want to Subscribe?

The biggest benefit of a meal subscription is convenience! Each week, you get an email reminder in case you want to go in to your subscription and switch up your selection. But, if you don't, the stress and thought of preparing and planning your meals is taken off your shoulders because if you don't change your selection you will receive the same great meals you got the week prior!

When you settle in to your favorites of our current menu, you can put them on auto-pilot so you can worry about other things in your life. Plus, you earn a discount by committing to a subscription (but don't worry, we don't lock you in with a contract like some other companies). 


How To Set Up A Subscription

It's simple really! Pick out the meals you would like in your subscription and add them to your cart before Friday at midnight (CST). But, before hitting the checkout button, go ahead and click the "subscribe and save" button:

You can choose for your subscription to be weekly, every other week, or all the way up to once per month! But you might be asking yourself, I just read that I have to order by Friday at midnight (CST) but this says it will place the order on Saturday - doesn't that mean I will miss the deadline? Well actually, no! Your order will go through at about 6am on Saturday morning. That way, you will have all day on Friday to make changes to your subscription before it goes through! 


Weekly Subscription Reminder Email

Each Friday before your order goes through, our website will send you a courtesy email with the headline "". The email will read something like this:

Hi Suzy,
We hope all is going well with you and your diet. This email is just a friendly reminder that you have a subscription order that is scheduled to go through tomorrow morning. You have until midnight (CST) to make any changes to your subscription (change meals, edit quantities, skip a week, etc).
You can log in to your customer account here and click "manage my subscription" to make changes. 
Thanks again for your business SuzyIf you have any questions, just hit reply and we'd be happy to help answer questions or walk you through doing anything above.  
Here is what your next order is looking like right now:
Chicken Alfredo (Reg) x 4
General Tso's Chicken & Snap Peas x 3
Lean Chipotle Bowl x 4
In Good Health,
The Midwest Meals Team
NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists

Your Subscription Dashboard

After setting up your subscription, you will now have access to your "manage subscription" portal on your customer account (log in here). Your dashboard is going to look something like this: 

Here you have complete control over your subscription.


Changing Your Order Frequency

Let's start at the top! If you find after the first couple weeks that you aren't quite getting through all your meals before your next subscription, you can either reduce the quantity of meals in each order or you can move to an every-other-week frequency to help level out. 


Pause Your Subscription

Traveling for vacation? Switching careers or income changed? Want to cook from home for a few weeks? No problem! Hit this button and all future orders will be paused. But, the website will save your selection so when you are ready to go again you aren't starting from scratch. 


Address & Shipping Information

Changing addresses? Just update your shipping and billing before Friday at midnight and you won't have a gap in service! Just click the 'edit button' and type in your new address. The website will have you reconfirm your shipping method choice. 

Payment Information

There is nothing worse than having your credit card information stolen and having to freeze all transactions from your card. Or maybe your debit card is just about to expire and you don't want to miss a week. No problem! Just head to this section and update with any new card that you'd like. 


Meals In Your Subscription

This will be one of the most important places in your subscription. This is where your selection of current meals is found! On the top, you can click "edit quantity" to add or reduce each of these meals. Or, you can simply click "remove meal" if you want to swap it out with something else. 


The Last Four Options

If you just want to skip one week, you can click 'manage upcoming orders' to skip a week and automatically resume. This is a good option if you think you will forget to "unpause" your subscription using the pause button. 

If you find we are doing a special deal or discount, here is where you would enter it to attach it to your subscription.

Transaction history will show all of your previous orders. 

To cancel your subscription head to the last tab and hit cancel. No strings attached, if we aren't a fit for you no hard feelings!


Adding Meals To Your Subscription

You may have noticed that in your 'manage subscription portal' we didn't talk at all about adding meals to your subscription. That's because you will add new meals to your subscription right from the menu. As long as you are logged in to your customer account, when you head to a meal page you will see a new button that says "add to subscription" appear. Click this and confirm your shipping method and you are set!


What Happens if a Meal Rotates Off the Menu?

Rather than automatically substituting a new meal into your subscription, our website will trigger an email letting you know that something rotated off the menu 6 days before your next subscription will go through. This gives you PLENTY of time to add the new meals, or change the quantities of your existing selection. 


Did We Miss Something?

Still not sure on something subscription related? Send us an email to and we'd be happy to help :)

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