We are health and fitness enthusiasts trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, just like YOU. We were frustrated with fad diets and gimmick supplements and wanted an option that just made sense. We don't believe in secret foods that magically make you look like a model. Instead, we believe in HAVING GOALS, CONSISTENCY, and HARD WORK! 
We advocate taking a balanced approach to your diet so that you can sustain your progress long term. All of our customer service and storefront team are all certified from NASM's Fitness Nutrition Specialist program so we can provide proper advice and education to you.
Our mission is simple: to provide you with no-nonsense, healthy meals that are affordable. We are on your team. We will never sell you on fads or gimmicks that aren't based on real science.
We believe in responsible supply management and reducing food waste. We do everything in our power to ensure the minimal amount of food waste. We use a "just in time" system to ensure we don't have food going bad from week to week.