FAQ & Ordering Information

Currently, we operate on a weekly basis for pre-orders with Friday at midnight (CST) each week being the order cutoff time. Order online before Friday at midnight and your order is ready for pickup or delivery/shipping on Monday. 

How do I get my meals?

You can get your meals a couple of ways. At checkout, choose from one of our pickup locations to have your meals ready to be picked up on Monday. Or, choose to have your meals delivered right to your home in an insulated bag! Don't live near us? Choose UPS shipping at checkout and we will ship your order each Monday morning.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver each Monday in an insulated bag (no need to be home) in the following areas: Eau Claire County, Chippewa County, La Crosse County.

If you do not live in these areas, you can choose UPS shipping at checkout and we will ship your order each Monday morning.

What if I miss the ordering deadline?

Unfortunately orders placed after the deadline will not be processed until the following week.

If you live near us, you can always stop in store to pick up grab-n-go meals instead.

Do I need to order online or can I just stop by your store?

You do not need to preorder to get meals. We stock a variety of grab-n-go meals at our storefront that you can choose from.

How do I cook the meals?

Each meal is already fully cooked and sealed! You just need to microwave for 2-3 minutes (instructions on each meal). It's really that easy!

Where are you located?

2145 Eastridge Ctr, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Store Hours

Monday: 9am-7pm

Tues-Friday: 11am-7pm

Sat & Sun: 9am-5pm

Store Phone: 715-598-7733

What meals are stocked in store?

If you would prefer to shop our grab-n-go menu instead of ordering online, you will find the same meals you see here! New meals will be available on the website for pre-order 6-7 days on the website before they will be available for grab-n-go in store.

If you'd like to check what we have in stock before stopping by, give us a call at 715-598-7733 to talk to a storefront team member!

Can I customize meals?

Absolutely, you can build your own meals from our custom meal options! These meals come with a nutrition label based on your ingredient choices.

Unfortunately we do not customize the signature menu in order to streamline them and keep our prices affordable!

How long are meals fresh for?

We mark all of our meals to be "best by" seven days of sealing the individual meal. Many clients are comfortable going five days past this date while others choose to freeze them on the "best by" date for later.

Can I set up a recurring meal subscription?

Absolutely! Simply create a customer account and click "subscribe" when you go to check out. Each week you receive the same meals, but you can always log into your account on Fridays (we'll send an email reminder) to update quantities, switch selections, or skip a week. You are never locked in!

Do you do keto, carnivore, paleo, etc?

Our nutrition philosophy is, well...SIMPLE.

We do not advocate fad diets, extreme diets, or exclusionary diets.

We have a focus on controlling calories through high quality ingredients and aim for at least 30 grams of high quality protein per meal.

We are designed to be a REAL part of your life for the long term...not a quick fix.

How often are there new meal options?

We like to rotate 3-4 meals a month to keep some variety of options. This means your favorite meal may rotate off the menu (we're sorry)! We make rotation decisions based on what is the most popular meals while maintaining a variety of protein options.

Do the meals come with nutrition labels?

Yes! We portion and weigh each component...and each meal is ran through our software to calculate the macronutrients for you. We print out that nutrition data and stick it on a convenient little label for you so you can stay on track with your goals!

Do you do family portion meals?

We do not! Our focus is the individual during the busy time of your day. Each meal is portioned for a single person.

Do you do any discounts?

We do very few deals and discounts throughout the year and prefer to keep fair, honest pricing year round.

However, we always extend a 10% discount to our police, firefighters, and military. Just send us an email with your ID number and we will provide you the code!

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