DexaFit Eau Claire

DexaFit Eau Claire

New to the Chippewa Valley, DexaFit Eau Claire will officially open its doors on January 2, 2020 -- just in time to kick off your wellness goals for the new year.

What is DexaFit?

Around the world, there is a shift to value-based preventative care due to skyrocketing healthcare costs and an epidemic of preventable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Both individuals and organizations alike are placing a greater priority on prevention and wellness efforts with increased accountability.

DexaFit is the leading provider of medical-grade health testing and gold-standard technologies that deliver immediate, science-backed insights about their overall health. Thousands of individuals across the US have turned to DexaFit as the place to get detailed information about their health and transform their lives.

Within the next few months, DexaFit will be applying machine learning algorithms to its database of medical-grade health data collected from its locations across the country to develop an artificial intelligence engine that will enable its users to detect health anomalies in real-time, predict future health outcomes, and generate personalized action plans and recommendations.

How did DexaFit get started?

DexaFit co-founders Adam Kadela and Matt Ulrich opened the original DexaFit in 2011. Both were starters and captains on the Northwestern University football team—Adam as a 6’ 3”, 240-pound middle linebacker and Matt as a 6’ 2”, 310-pound offensive guard. Matt went on to win Super Bowl XLI as a member of the 2006 Indianapolis Colts.

In order to compete at the highest level possible, they had access to the world’s best collegiate and professional sports labs behind the scenes to help them fine-tune their fitness programs, boost their performance on the field and maintain their overall health.

They launched DexaFit in 2011 to bring this same pro-quality testing to amateur athletes, weekend warriors, stay-at-home moms and dads, and any others who want to transform their lives by getting stronger, leaner, happier and healthier.

Their goal was to equip and empower people with information from resources previously limited to elite athletes, professional teams, and sports science labs around the world, including medical-grade body composition analysis, metabolic health testing, and blood marker analysis.

Since its launch in Chicago during the summer of 2011, it has become apparent that people outside of the world of elite sports, research, and medicine, want access to the type of testing DexaFit offers.

What services does DexaFit offer?

DexaFit removes the guesswork from understanding a person’s health and learning what diets, exercise programs, and lifestyle habits will get the best results for their body type and metabolism.

DexaFit has very broad applicability by making predictive health and fitness testing accessible, efficient, and affordable. It helps customers go beyond the frenzy of fad diets and fitness crazes and take a deeper look at their health using technology considered the gold standard by research and science. Its testing and services include: 

  • Body composition analysis with DXA and 3D Body Scanning to quantify visual measurements, body composition, skeletal health, and posture. DXA is FDA-approved to quantify lean, fat, and bone mass, and visceral fat (which correlates to hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.)
  • Bone Density Testing with DXA, (the same machine used in hospitals like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic) tests to see how strong a person’s bones are and is the only way to know if a person is at risk for or has osteoporosis. Dexafit Eau Claire is proud to have a registered bone density tech on site one day a week for this specific testing. 
  • Metabolic stress testing to benchmark a customer’s Vo2max and resting metabolic rate (RMR), improve endurance and energy levels, and discover risks of cardiovascular disease. Vo2max is a more reliable health and longevity indicator than factors like tobacco use, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 
  • A network of wellness providers, trainers, and coaches that provide personalized training, treatment, and nutrition services (should customers desire assistance with a personal health transformation after getting their DexaFit testing).
  • Fit by DexaFit app to track a user’s body composition health, cardio fitness, metabolic and physiological health, then combine it with lifestyle and activity data in order to calculate their life expectancy and help them personalize a plan that optimizes their health.

Ultimately, DexaFit provides more than health measurements. It leverages technology to bring together people, applications, data, and insights. And, just as a computer operating system coordinates the flow of information and resources of a computer in a centralized fashion, using DexaFit throughout a health journey creates a central location into which critical health and fitness information flows and gets transformed into personalized insights to help someone reach their goals.


Let’s get started! If you are a trainer, coach or wellness pro and want to partner with us or if you want to make an appointment at DexaFit Eau Claire, go to or call 715-895-8159.


Karla Roach is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and co-owns and operates DexaFit Eau Claire, with her sister, Angie Bromeisl. She enjoys spending time with her husband and five children along with running and being active in the community.

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