Free resources for working out at home during COVID-19

Free resources for working out at home during COVID-19

Spend the time of your quarantine wisely by dedicating yourself to nurture your body and wellbeing. Here are some tips to exercise and lose some extra pounds or recover your silhouette with the help of certified trainers around the globe.

Self-isolation can become an excellent time to improve several aspects of your lifestyle if you decide it, especially with all the free resources available from certified trainers and institutions so you can finally achieve the wellness state you desire.

As you may know, obesity is the number one epidemic in America; with many people suffering from its downside effects: blood pressure, diabetes, high blood sugar levels as well as high bad cholesterol ones, and hormone issues, which can be caused by many lifestyle decisions taken daily from food or vitamin intake to physical activity.

In this way and in order to help as many people as they can to overpass this stressful situation, which may cause the appearance of stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms, by improving your overall health and self-esteem with the aid of professional trainers.

Thanks to a wide investigation, we will offer you the links and essential information of the most accessible courses so you can get your summer bod on – even if you are not going to the beach -.

From famous gyms, passing through yoga lessons and Crossfit, even if you are packed with kids you can take some valuable family or personal time to invest in your overall health. Here are some must-watch categories:

Famous gyms offering online classes for members and non-members

If you are a physically active person with a membership on a famous gym franchise or you are just a regular guy that has tired of watching Netflix and willing to give fitness a try, here are some attractive choices for you to swim in:

  • Crunch Gym this gym counts with a 45 free trial for members and non-members to enjoy free online workout classes as well as customized fitness plans.
  • Planet Fitness home workouts with no complicated equipment can be watched live on their Facebook page. Missed some of them? No worries! The videos are archived in there so you won’t miss a thing!
  • Gold's Gym Premium app and online site access count with free access until the end of May so you can shake your bootie right.
  • Life Time their webpage is giving the public access to the most demanding workout videos in categories like strength, cardio, and yoga, but you can also try a more DIY exercising routine thanks to their suggestions
  • Snap Fitness counts with a 90-day-free trial available, with only a registration so you can access to their online library of exercise videos
  • Nuffield Health is offering their workouts for free via their YouTube channel and wellbeing app.  

Yoga practices from the best studios available for free

Since the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, many public spaces have been shut down in order to preserve public health.

This decision motivated many fitness and health enthusiasts to create or join virtual activities to encourage fitness health as well as mental and emotional control through the use of apps or social networks.

If you want to stay active for your wellbeing, 30 minutes of daily intense exercising activity is recommended for the NHS to help adults is or regaining physical or overall health.

To achieve this, CorePower Yoga is one of the many studios offering a selection of their online classes as well as live online classes taught by CorePower trainers themselves to help people to consciousness deal up with COVID-19.

“Brain Breaks” are yoga routines and lessons inspired in kid’s health created by Stretch and Grow of the Rockies. Their 10-minute routines are already available on their youtube channel for your young ones.

Yoga with Adrienne is a Youtube channel always free and available focused on giving you Yoga lessons according to your time, body, and mental disposition. Their length is between 10 and 45 minutes.


More active disciplines like CrossFit are accessible with an internet connection!

Wearables and Social Media are widely available for many people around the globe.

These devices can help you to enhance your enthusiast workout routine or to track the advances you have made from certified trainers routines available everywhere online so you can feel motivated by keeping or even adding more time and effort to your current fitness situation.

You can take advantage of this unique time to ask them pieces of advice for your personal routines or meal organization in order to improve your overall health and staying on track when things “go back to normal”.

Here are some other good sites and apps to contribute to your fitness efforts: 

  • Fitbit wearable just announced a 90-day free trial of its Fitbit Premium and Fitbit Coach services that count with more than a 150 workout sessions which can be streamed in cellphones or computers
  • STRONG by Zumbais a free fitness alternative available on YouTube which offers several workout routines combinations on time and efforts with no equipment needed  suitable  for almost everyone
  • Nike’s premium Training Club app is free until further notice. This app includes yoga content, interval training, multi-week programs as many other choices led by Nike instructors for your benefit


Father of three? Senior and alone at home? Here are some routines for you!

Kids can be difficult to entertain as well as integrating elders to some type of exercising routine, which is why we are offering you several choices for you to stay active:

  • YouTube fitness trainer Joe Wicks is live-streaming daily “PE with Joe” lessons on his channel, The Body Coach on weekdays, so you can help your kids to train as well
  • Cosmic Kids is also offering yoga lessons for the young ones, so they can distract themselves until one hour
  • Fitness Blender is an organization that offers home exercising routines with no equipment in several lengths and difficulties. Now, they also have a workout designed for kids and parents that involves gaming elements to keep all entertained and active


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