Heating Up Meals in Your Car?

Heating Up Meals in Your Car?

Whether you are a construction worker 🚧, semi-driver 🚛, or just an always on the go person...finding a microwave to heat up your meals can be a struggle. If you're on the road, many people will pop into a gas station and use their microwave to heat up a prepped meal. But, that can be awkward at times. We wanted to test a product that a customer recommended to solve this problem and share it with you all: The Hot Logic! So what is it? It's a portable oven! We wanted to put this little unit to the test to see if it can actually perform in a real life application so we tested a custom meal in the Wisconsin fall to see how it does! 

Model: Hot Logic Mini (12V Version), Ambient Temp: 36°F, Vehicle: 2014 Toyota 4Runner, Meal4 OZ Turkey Build-a-Meal 

Right out of the box, we read the instruction manual (not common nowadays, huh?) because we wanted to check the safety data. Hot Logic claims this unit is safe to use with any microwaveable container (cardboard, plastic, glass) - so we knew we were safe to proceed with our meal container!

There are no buttons, knobs, or indicators. It says to just plug it in and wait, so we did just that! For the model of vehicle tested, the accessories had to be turned on. Immediately the base of the Hot Logic began warming, so we were off to a promising start. We took the portion cup out and set it in a cup holder and put the meal lid back on. From there, we placed the entire meal container into the Hot Logic and zippered it closed.

To really test the unit, we decided to temp the unit at 15 minute intervals. Here's what the results looked like: 
15 MINS 100°F
30 MINS 116°F
45 MINS 156°F
60 MINS 176°F

Those results aligned spot on with the instruction guide! A couple of notes on the performance. While the unit performed as advertised, it did smell pretty awful during the heating process. We are not sure if this will happen for just the first heat, or if it will be a recurring smell. The unit comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. The verdict? SOLID recommendation if you need to heat meals in your car (or office if you get the wall plug version). 

Want to win this Hot Logic Mini and 5 meals? Head on over to our Instagram to enter in to the contest! 

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