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December 01, 2018 1 min read

Midwest Meals Protein Waffles

Whether you've never tried our protein waffles, or you are a long time fan, we're here today to break down what goes in to them! You'd be surprised how simple they are, yet are still delicious! Would you have guessed that these are made using six basic ingredients you probably already have at home? Check out what's on our current menu for protein waffles here.


 Midwest Meals Protein Waffles The base ingredient comes from Whole Wheat Flour! This helps give the waffles the texture and also helps provide fiber for the finished product!
Midwest Meals Protein Waffles Next up is rolled oats! This helps out with the taste as well as providing some additional fiber for the finished product! 
Midwest Meals Protein Waffles Third up in the lineup is the Whey Protein! We use MTS Whey in all of our Protein Waffles. This gives the Waffles their flavor and also boosts the protein so you can start your morning on the right food. Check out another blog about why we use MTS Products here.
Midwest Meals Protein Waffles The last main ingredient is baking soda! Baking soda is what helps baked goods rise! 
Midwest Meals Protein Waffles The first "sub-ingredient" is brown sugar. We consider this a sub ingredient because it is used in MUCH smaller quantities than everything above. We use light brown sugar in our recipes. This helps bring out the sweet taste in the protein waffles.
Midwest Meals Protein Waffles The very last ingredient in the protein waffles is Sea Salt. But, we use this VERY sparingly. You only need just a pinch to bring out the full flavor in the waffles!