Low Calorie Sauce Ideas

Low Calorie Sauce Ideas

Whether you're looking to change up the taste in a build-a-meal or just to change up the taste of a meal, here are our four FAVORITES when it comes to low-calorie sauce ideas. 


Midwest Meals & Chip Magnet SalsaThe first place we look to when we are trying to add a ton of flavor without sacrificing unnecessary calories: our partners over at Chip Magnet Salsa! Their mouthwatering and delicious non-GMO salsa and sauces are the perfect add-on to completely change the flavor profile of a meal. We love using the "medium salsa" like Wildly Delicious and Mango Habanero to add a little kick. But, if you're feeling adventurous, the "hot category" of salsa is sure to give you a run for your money. If you add Mango Habanero Salsa on a build-a-meal, you are only adding 8 carbohydrates (32 calories)!


Midwest Meals & Veracha from True Made FoodsAnother one of our favorite brands is True Made Foods! They sweeten their sauces with VEGETABLES instead of sugar. Enter: Veracha! What is this? Veggies + Sriracha = Veracha. Instead of sugar, it is sweetened with tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and butternut squash. Best of all, calories are negligible in a serving! True Made offers a ton of great options including a low-sugar BBQ and ketchup! You will find these at your local grocery store - typically in the natural isle (not necessarily next to the rest of the conventional condiment isle). 





Midwest Meals Mustard From Silver SpringWhether you are a long time mustard fan, or you don't remember the last time you've had it...we highly recommend checking out a brown mustard! One of our favorites is from the Whole Grain Stone Ground Mustard from Silver Spring. One serving of this only adds 5-10 calories! There are a ton of mustard options. But, when you flip over the container, check the back to make sure there aren't any unnecessary ingredients that found their way in there making those calories jump up!





Midwest Meals Walden FarmsAnother fantastic brand we utilize in our signature meals is Walden Farms! They offer a TON of calorie-free sauces. Everything from Creamy Bacon Ranch to Thousand Island Dressing. You will find these likely in the natural section at your grocery store as well! They have a huge variety and you're surely likely to find one you love. They may taste a little different than their named counterpart, but keep in mind you are saving the calories instead of a traditional Ranch dressing. 

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