The Holidays Are Here: How Do I Stay Focused On My Goals?

The Holidays Are Here: How Do I Stay Focused On My Goals?

When it comes to our American society many tend to OVERINDULGE on the holidays which can lead to gaining 10, 15, even 20 lbs rapidly! The question is what can we do to avoid this? Well there are quite a few things we can do, actually!

  1. Consume higher protein, lower carb and lower fat meals earlier in the day so that you can allocate a majority of your daily calories for that family meal.
  2. If you are in a caloric deficit and dieting for an event or a specific goal/deadline just make GOOD decisions! What this means is load up the protein sources and Vegetables. Steer away from the sweets and anything fried! Those are generally the foods that are the most calorie dense.
  3. If you do have a piece of pie or some sweets be mindful here! Have ONE normal to small slice of pie, not half of the pie. If you are having some Christmas Cookies then have 2-3 cookies don’t eat a plate full of cookies. Eating in moderation always is the key to maintaining our goals and not creating a set back!
  4. If you use "high calorie days" (or as I use with my clients: “REFEEDS”), then I would plan your week so you have this higher calorie day on the holiday you are eating your big family meal. This allows that day to naturally work as a buffer and give you some Flexibility to eat stress free!
  5. STAY ACTIVE! So many people on the holidays just sit around and watch football or Christmas Movies all day after stuffing their bellies! This is just adding to the problem! Instead of sitting all day organize a family function such as a tag football game in the yard and or go for a family walk before and after dinner! NEAT (NON EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS) is a very powerful tool! Use it!
  6. Get an intense training session in early that morning or late that evening! Put those extra calories to good use!
  7. Push the Water and Fluids! Pushing the water intake on these days will help those nutrients better be utilized and pushed through our system! Keep things moving efficiently!
  8. If you aren’t dieting for any specific reason through the holidays, then just relax and enjoy the meal with NO STRESS! However, just don’t OVER EAT! Eating until you are slightly full or satisfied is a good sign that you are at your limit! When you continue to eat beyond that is when trouble really can occur and things can get out of hand! There is no reason anyone needs to eat 2 to 3 heaping plates full of food and half a pie!

Don’t let the holidays create a setback on your goals! Eat mindfully, eat responsibly, stay active, and enjoy your family! If you do all these things chances are you don’t miss a beat come the next day of that following Monday when you jump right back on you plan!

Blayne Steffen


Owner Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC



Blayne Steffen is the Owner of Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC! Blayne holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Applied Kinesiology & Nutritional Science. He also is a certified strength & conditioning specialist with the NSCA, a certified personal trainer with the NASM, & a certified USA Olympic Weightlifting/Performance Coach with the USAW.

Blayne is a former collegiate athlete where he played football and started 4 years at the University of Minnesota-Morris. Blayne also has been competing as a natural bodybuilder since 2010. Blayne brings over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of settings and clientele ranging from elite athletes, physique athletes, general population, & special population. No goal is too tall for Coach Steffen!

Blayne believes because everyone is so different in terms of metabolism, biomechanics, training experience, & physical limitations among other variables that individualization is a must when it comes to all nutrition & training protocols! Blayne uses a no cookie cutter approach to training & nutrition! He values his client relationships & wants to make each client feel like “THE ONLY CLIENT”!

Blayne is a co-promoter of the OCB Natural Viking Bodybuilding competition and offers contest prep services for physique athletes. Blayne also offers online nutrition & training coaching/consulting for all populations & athletes. Lastly Blayne’s services include in-home personal training if you are in the Twin Cities area! For Inquiries you can email Blayne at or private message him on Instagram @alpha_athlete_pnc or check out Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC on Facebook!

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