Top 3 Nutrient-Packed Vegetables

Top 3 Nutrient-Packed Vegetables

When you think of a healthy diet, do vegetables come to mind? If so, then this blog is perfect for you! I will be going over the top three nutrient-packed vegetables for a healthy lifestyle. 

Spinach has always been a favorite leafy green of mine. Surprisingly enough it is at the top of the chart for one of the healthiest vegetables! So, what makes this veggie so healthy? Well, for one cup of spinach, raw spinach provides roughly half of your daily vitamin A needs and your whole vitamin K daily needs. The best part? All of that for just 7 calories! Not only is it packed in vitamins, but also antioxidants. Who knew such a tasty veggie would be so beneficial?

Do you remember when you were growing up and your parents told you to eat your carrots to improve your eyesight? Well, they were right! Carrots are filled with vitamin A just like Spinach. Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy immune system, good vision, and growth and development.  A cup of carrots is packed with 428% of your daily value of vitamin A along with beta-carotene which helps with cancer prevention. Crazy, right?

Last but not least is broccoli! Broccoli is a staple among a lot of people, and for a good reason. A one cup serving provides 116% of your daily vitamin K needs, 135% of your daily vitamin C needs, and loads potassium, folate, and manganese which help your body function normally. This vegetable is also rich in sulforaphane which is a compound that may prevent cancer growth and other types of chronic diseases by protecting against oxidative stress.

There are many more vegetables that are loaded with the nutrients your body needs, but these are just a few that we feel are notable. If you’re not a fan of vegetables, or just simply find it hard to get a serving in per day, don’t worry. Machine Greens by MTS Nutrition is a perfect way to supplement those missing vitamins and minerals!

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