Top five of best apps to track your nutrition

Top five of best apps to track your nutrition

Top five of best apps to track your nutrition 

Counting calories can be both stressful and worrying, especially if you have no idea where to start.  In here, you will find the best five nutrition apps that will help you to achieve all your health and fitness goals

Beginning a diet can be exciting but nerve rocking: how do you know how much food do you need? How to keep track of all the calories taken throughout the day? Got tired of the same menu? Ok, so how or where to find recipes or foods with the same amount of calories? All these questions can be easily answered right in the palm of your hand thanks to technology facilities.

Starting a healthy journey to a better shape or weight loss can be easy and fun with the help of various nutrition apps. Several nutritionists assure that these can even become an essential tool to reach or maintain all your fitness and wellness goals in the long-term.

Moreover, in a world where you can manage all the aspects of your everyday life on the palm of your hand with the help of your electronic devices – phones, tablets – it is almost inconceivable not to add to the many choices available, a way to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

After some extensive research, the following selection represents the most complete apps you can find to track and maintain your nutrition at the best levels. Here are the top five apps to track your nutrition.

5 best apps to track your nutrition

Among the following selection, you will find some free and some paid choices to track every detail related to your daily nutrition such as food intolerances, nutrition facts, and a food journal so you won’t miss a thing!

Here are the top five apps to track your nutrition:

1.    MyFitnessPal (free on iOS and Android)

Rated as one of the best apps of 2019, MyFitnessPal can easily take the lead since it counts with an extensive food database as well as a barcode scanner, calorie counter, recipe importer, and so much more!

Rated 4.7 stars on iPhone and 4.6 on Android, nutritionists recommend it since it can be easily customized to fulfill your unique dietary specifications as well as helping you to choose the best foods to keep you in your health track.

2.    Fooducate (Android, iOS: Free)

Fooducate (AndroidiOS) is a very interesting app that will help you to understand food labels thus teaching you how to eat properly. The system inside the app is very easy, you just need to scan the barcode to get all the main data; after that, the app will grade the food from A to D along with a nutrition summary for you to decide to buy it or choose something else. This app can also help you to pick healthier choices; but not only that, you can see nutritional information from homemade plates or restaurant choices accompanied by an intake, calorie and exercise tracker.

3.     Lifesum (Android, iOS: Free)

Lifesum (AndroidiOS) the main goal of this app is to help you to build and keep a healthy lifestyle through your everyday food choices.  

Lifesum can be personalized to fulfill your health and fitness goals, so if you are looking to lose weight or gain more muscle as well as maintaining your ideal weight, this is the app you are looking for. This app has a built-in process that you can use to put your water, exercise and meal intake inside of one of the chosen fitness plans, so you can get the app recommendation to success or maintenance.

4.    8fit Workouts & Meal Planner (Android, iOS: Free)

8fit Workout & Meal Planner (AndroidiOS) this incredible app has helped over 3 million people with the achievement of their fitness and wellness goals.

Bringing together both of the most important tasks to gain or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 8fit company decided to give you a tool efficient enough to handle both goals – fitness and healthy eating -. With just entering your height and the weight you can get an estimate of your ideal body weight and fat, as well as step-by-step fitness plans to achieve your personalized goals. Going on the premium will get you to have food filters as well as customized dietary plans along with the specialized filter that includes gluten-free, and paleo or vegan lifestyles.

5.    MyNetDiary (Android, iOS: Free)

 This helpful app is another one that entered the top five of the best nutrition apps for 2019; MyNetDiary (AndroidiOS) rated 4.6 stars for both mobile system iOS and Android, which is an app specifically designs to improve your overall health and food choices. Developed by the people of, this app is very easy to use, and it’s the perfect place to monitor your weight loss and fitness goals.

The information displayed on the app is very easy to use on the go; in addition to this, MyNetDiary counts with a personalized daily calorie goal setting, healthy meal plans adapted to your needs, a barcode scanner, an extensive food database, and detailed statistics for you to track your fitness and nutrition.

With all the apps delivered in this article, you will enjoy of a very complete selection of great and interesting tools to track your fitness, weight and overall health goals; so if you desire to begin a healthier lifestyle but you don’t have any idea of where to start, by starting using a couple of these you can begin walking towards a new era of physical and mental wellness, which you can also bring to your family and friends.

Assure to also stay hydrated as well as keeping your body and mind well rested to practice all the wellbeing principles: mind and body healthy. Moreover, efficient hydration, as well as a good sleeping routine, will help you to be more focus and energize thus making easier for you to maintain and succeed on all your health goals since sleep deprivation and thirst both contribute to binge eating into harmful foods like sugary snacks and trans fat meals.  


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