Touch Free Delivery in Eau Claire

Touch Free Delivery in Eau Claire

Whether you are working from home, don't want to be out in public, high risk for Covid, or even on quarantine, we have a solution for you! Today we are going to go through all things local delivery and getting healthy, fully cooked meals delivered right to your door! 

The Quick Summary
Order before Friday at Midnight (CST) as many meals as you'd like and select "local delivery" as your shipping method -> we make your meals fresh on Sunday night -> Monday afternoon, usually around 3pm, we begin deliveries around Eau Claire in insulated bags (no need to be home) -> on your next delivery, leave out your bag and we will refund you the $5 deposit for returning it

Ordering Process
If you are new to the world of Midwest Meals, we don't operate quite like a traditional restaurant. Instead of ordering from a menu and us making the order right after, we operate on a weekly process for online orders. We take online orders all week right up to our Friday at Midnight (CST) deadline each week. You can view the entire menu along with meal photos, nutrition information, ingredients and allergens right on our website here. With local deliveries, there are no minimums or maximums to get meals delivered right to your door! Just select "Local Delivery" as your shipping method.

Getting Your Meals
Okay, now you've ordered but now what? Well, you can kick back and relax! We do all the prep, cooking, and even the dishes in our state of the art commercial kitchen. Wondering what that looks like? Check it out!
Once we have your meals ready to go, we start deliveries around 3pm on Monday afternoons. Each delivery comes in an insulated bag so they stay safe until you get home to put them away! We set the bag next to your door and as soon as the delivery driver gets back into their vehicle, they "fulfill" your order on our website and that triggers an email in realtime that lets you know that your meals have arrived!

On Your Next Delivery
On your next local delivery order, you can set out your insulated bag on Monday morning and as we deliver your new order, we will take back your insulated bag and refund you $5 of your delivery fee! Forget a week, no worries - just return both bags the following week or bring them in to our storefront!

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