Ultimate Guide To Subscriptions

Ultimate Guide To Subscriptions

When it comes to convenience, there is nothing more convenient than setting up a subscription! Some of the key features of the subscription: 
 Save 5% on each order automatically placed
 Never forget to order and be without meals again
 Never locked in to a contract, skip a week or cancel at any time
Lets take a complete walkthrough of everything related to the subscriptions! 

How to Set Up A Subscription

For starters, how do you set up a subscription? In your cart, below the shipping method, you will see a section that says "Make it a recurring order?" Here you are going to want to make sure the "Subscribe & Save 5%" button is checked. Below you can set up if you'd like your order to be placed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Your order will automatically go through each week on Friday morning with the products you are checking out with if you make no changes. From here, you just go through the checkout like you normally would! If you place the first order before our order deadline before Saturday, it will be ready the Monday following your order.
So, are you locked in to the same meals week in and week out? Absolutely not! Each week on Thursday you will receive an automated email from our system letting you know that you have a subscription order coming up. This gives you a day to make any modifications to your subscription. 

Making Modifications to Your Subscription

As long as you get in to your account to make modifications before Friday, you can always skip a week or add and remove meals from your upcoming order
Step by step for skipping a week:
    1. Log on to your MWM Account
    2. Click "Manage Subscription"
    3. In the column under manage, click "manage" -> "upcoming order"
    4. From here, you will see all of your upcoming orders listed. Click "skip order" for each week you wish to skip
Step by step for removing meals from your subscription:
    1. Log on to your MWM Account
    2. Click "Manage Subscription"
    3. In the column under manage, click "manage" -> "Product (Qty)" 
    4. A screen will pop up with your current meals on your subscription 
    5. Click the trash icon to remove a meal from your subscription 
Step by step for adding meals to your subscription:
    1. Log on to your MWM Account
    2. Click the Buy Meals tab to view the menu
    3. Once you find a meal you'd like to add to your subscription, click the meal to bring it to the description page
    4. Underneath the "add to cart" button, click the "add to existing subscription" button and follow the prompts

What Happens If A Meal Rotates Off the Menu That I Had On My Subscription?

Our menu does update with new menu options! By default, if something rotates off that was on your subscription, our system will automatically generate an email to you letting you know what rotated off of your order. We will NOT replace the meal with another random meal because we don't want to pick for you - each of us has different taste and macronutrient requirements so how could we possibly pick the best option for you?! 

We will always do our best to update the menu giving you 4-5 days to get in and update your subscription if you'd like. If you do nothing, the meals from your previous order that didn't rotate off the menu will still go through! 

Have a question about your subscription? Send us a message
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