What Is Metabolism?

What Is Metabolism?

I think metabolism is a word people with little actual understanding like to throw around. While many talk about it as if it’s a simple thing, in reality, it is actually a very complicated process(es)!

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So what is METABOLISM?

Well the basic term states that metabolism is chemical processes that occur within a living thing! However to break it down with more detail metabolism can be broken down into a few things:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR = energy required by our body for survival IE: what your organs basically are doing while unconscious and conscious.
  • Thermic Effect of Food of TEF = energy used to digest food.
  • Exercise energy expenditure = energy expended while exercising and moving.
  • Now metabolism is dynamic NOT static! It is always changing based on your body weight and composition! It can change due to body fat levels, diet, hormones, among other things. 

 Everyone with incomplete understanding of metabolism will often say and believe things like eating 6 meals per day will get them leaner and speed up their metabolism! Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way! 

 The leaner we get whether we are eating 3 or 6 meals doesn’t matter because our metabolism actually becomes slower the leaner we are! This is why so many gain body fat back rapidly after a long caloric deficit when raising calories too quickly. 

Our body isn’t meant to be lean so it will always fight us to survive and get back to homeostasis! 

Now next time you hear someone talk about how they are increasing meal frequency and getting leaner to increase their metabolic rate make sure you point out that they actually are lowering it! 



Blayne Steffen


Owner Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC


Blayne Steffen is the Owner of Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC! Blayne holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Applied Kinesiology & Nutritional Science. He also is a certified strength & conditioning specialist with the NSCA, a certified personal trainer with the NASM, and a certified USA Olympic Weightlifting/Performance Coach with the USAW.

Blayne is a former collegiate athlete where he played football and started 4 years at the University of Minnesota-Morris. Blayne also has been competing as a natural bodybuilder since 2010. Blayne brings over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of settings and clientele ranging from elite athletes, physique athletes, general population, and special population. No goal is too tall for Coach Steffen!

Blayne believes because everyone is so different in terms of metabolism, biomechanics, training experience, & physical limitations among other variables that individualization is a must when it comes to all nutrition & training protocols! Blayne uses a no cookie cutter approach to training & nutrition! He values his client relationships & wants to make each client feel like “THE ONLY CLIENT”!

Blayne is a co-promoter of the OCB Natural Viking Bodybuilding competition and offers contest prep services for physique athletes. Blayne also offers online nutrition & training coaching/consulting for all populations & athletes. Lastly Blayne’s services include in-home personal training if you are in the Twin Cities area! For Inquiries you can email Blayne at alphaathletepnc@gmail.com or private message him on Instagram @alpha_athlete_pnc or check out Alpha Athlete Performance & Nutrition Consulting, LLC on Facebook!

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