What Is a Craving Crusher?

What Is a Craving Crusher?

If you follow us on social media or have ordered 10+ meals online, you may have seen what we call a Craving Crusher. If not, this blog will give you an idea of what they are!

A Craving Crusher is a FREE protein-packed and macro friendly treat that we include with ALL online orders of 10+ meals. Why do we include “treats” with these orders when we make healthy meals? Well, we all have cravings now and then, right? Instead of going to the freezer for some ice cream or grabbing a candy bar that might set you back from your goals, we try to keep you on track with a healthy snack!

What makes these healthier than your average quick-fix candy bar? The first difference is that we use a low-calorie sugar substitute known as Erythritol. Erythritol is an all-natural sweetener that is 60-70% as sweet as table sugar without all the calories. Erythritol doesn’t affect blood sugar, it keeps your teeth free of decay, and is only partially absorbed by the body to name a few benefits. But, enough of Erythritol, let’s talk about another ingredient that makes Craving Crushers delicious!

That ingredient is known as Machine Whey by MTS Nutrition. We use Machine Whey to give great flavor AND to boost the protein in each donut, thus making them a protein-packed treat! Not only do we use Machine Whey in our Craving Crushers, but it is also used in our Protein Waffles – another great protein snack!

The remaining ingredients in our Craving Crushers include oats, whole wheat flour, and a couple other baking ingredients to make them perfect. These ingredients are found on the bottom of the container along with the calories and macros of each donut/snack!

If you have any ideas or recommendations on a Craving Crusher that you would like to see, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we will see what we can do!

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