Why We Use Frozen Veggies

Why We Use Frozen Veggies

You may not suspect it, but at Midwest Meals, we use a variety of vegetables. This includes fresh, fresh-stored, and frozen vegetables. That's right, I said frozen! There seems to be a stigma against frozen vegetables, especially when it comes to health. Why do people think this you may ask? Well, simply because fresh = minimally processed! The lack of processing in foods is better, right? Not necessarily. Let’s see why.

Frozen foods may seem like a bad alternative to fresh. In some cases, yes. But there are also many advantages nutritionally. Many of us don’t have access to all fruits and vegetables, and of the ones we do have access to, they end up being a pretty penny and have most likely been on the shelf for a couple days. The longer it sits, the more nutrients it loses. With frozen products, you get a longer shelf life and added nutrients.

Of course, there are differences between frozen and fresh. Many variables come into play when determining the answer such as soil, weather, season, and the amount of time the fruits and vegetables sit. Just know that whether you choose frozen or fresh, you are still getting the nutrients that you wouldn’t get without eating otherwise.

So, why does Midwest Meals choose frozen? The main reason is to provide our customers with the best quality of food while keeping the price of our meals down and preventing waste. With research from many reputable sources, we assure you that frozen is just as good, if not better than fresh!

For a more in-depth explanation of the benefits of frozen and fresh vegetables and fruit, we recommend giving this video a watch!



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