Why We Use MTS Nutrition Whey Protein in Our Products!

Why We Use MTS Nutrition Whey Protein in Our Products!

When you are introduced to the world of healthy eating, it's no secret that there are a million protein companies that barrage you with photos of #SHREDDED athletes and professional models - claiming that by drinking their powder that you will transform your body without doing any of the real work. 

So, when we looked to find a great protein manufacturer to partner with to use in our Protein Waffles and other protein packed recipes, what did we look for to ensure it was high quality protein? 

MTS NutritionMTS Nutrition

Well for starters, if you don't know who Marc Lobliner (@marclobliner) is, he is the no-bull-shit science based persona who is the CEO of MTS Nutrition (@mtsnutrition)! Being well respected in the industry, you take note when he stops in to your storefront to purchase some meals while he is in town. Marc has very similar nutritional philosophies and does a great job answering questions on Instagram and helping bust fads and gimmicks in the industry with brutal honesty! 

MTS Nutrition, another Midwest company, prides itself on being super high quality and subject itself to third-party testing to make sure label claims are met. THOSE are the types of companies we want to work with, because if the label claim is off, your total daily calories are going to be off. MTS also offers some of the best flavor profiles in the game! 

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