All About Our Loyalty Program!

All About Our Loyalty Program!

Our long awaited loyalty program is finally here and we are excited to share with you the details of how to earn rewards for simply being a customer! Whether you are an online customer or stop in store, you can earn points! This article will go through the entire program A-Z, so let's get started! 

How To Sign Up:

Signing up is as simple as creating an account with us. Simply head over to this page and enter in your information to set up an account. If you are already a customer with an account, just log in to your normal customer account.

If you stop by our storefront for our grab-and-go meals, you can still earn loyalty points! The storefront team will help set up an in-store account. If you decide to place an online order, just head to the same link above and use the email that we set up in store and your loyalty points will link up!

How To Start Earning Points:

Any time you place an online order or buy meals in store, you earn points! For each $1 you spend, you earn 5 points. Just make sure you are logged in to your customer account when placing an order online and let the storefront staff know your information to load your loyalty account in store.

Not only do you get rewarded simply by being a part of the loyalty program, there are some additional ways to earn points:

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to earn an additional 50 points
(one time). To do this just click “ways to earn points” in the loyalty icon in the bottom right hand corner on the website and it will provide a link for to follow us and automatically credit your account!

You can also earn 50 points by sharing about us on Facebook through the loyalty app, earn 200 points on your birthday and earn 100 points for just signing up a new account!

Lastly, you can share a unique URL that gives a 10% off coupon to your friends. When a friend clicks the link and purchases meals, you earns a $5 reward in the loyalty app!

How To Use Your Loyalty Points:

To use your loyalty points online, click the loyalty icon in the bottom right-hand corner and log in if you aren't already. If you have enough points for a reward, it will appear in next rewards. Click redeem and the code will be added to your account. 

In store, the team will ask you for your phone number to look up your loyalty account. If you have enough points for a reward in store, the storefront team will let you know and ask if you'd like to apply it! You can always ask the storefront team how many points you have and how close you are to your next reward!

At 500 points, the first reward will appear in your loyalty account: $5 off your purchase! As you continue to build up points, you will earn a larger discount!

As always, if you have any questions or need help setting up your account, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Email us at or use our contact page here and we'd be happy to help out!

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