Ultimate Guide to Local Deliveries

Ultimate Guide to Local Deliveries

One of the most convenient ways you can take advantage of the services at Midwest Meals is to have your weekly order delivered right to your door! The process is easy: (1) order meals before Friday at midnight each week, or better yet, set up a subscription for the ultimate convenience, (2) we cook your meals fresh on Sunday and (3) your order arrives at your door Monday in an insulated bag! 

Let's dive a little deeper, exactly how do you set up that local delivery? 

Placing an Order to be Delivered Locally

1. The first thing you will want to do, is visit our rotating menu from either your mobile device or desktop computer. Pick out at least five meals and add them to your cart!

2. In your cart, you are going to want to click the "Local Delivery" button

Below, you will see a zip code verification. Currently, we do local deliveries anywhere in Eau Claire & Altoona, WI but plan to expand our delivery region! Enter in your zip code to make sure we will do a local delivery to your house!

Now is also a GREAT time to set up a recurring subscription. This will automatically place your same order each week, but you can change meals, quantities, skip a week, and cancel at any time. Check out our full guide on subscriptions here!

3. Checkout! Once you verify your zip code, now you begin the checkout process. You will notice that the local delivery fee is $7.99 BUT you can earn back $5 when you return your delivery bag to us on your next delivery or at our storefront.

  • You are done! As long as your order is in before our Friday at midnight deadline, we will drop your order off on the Monday following your order in an insulated bag (no need to be home)!


Watch the Full Video of the Process Below

Frequently Asked Question

 Q: When can I expect my delivery? 

A: We begin delivering orders Monday afternoon, typically around 3pm. Individual times may vary. 

Q: What happens if I don't return a bag? 

A: You can keep it! The bags are super handy for grocery shopping or in store purchases.

Q: How do I return a bag?

A: You can either leave your bag on your door handle before your next delivery, or stop in to our storefront with your bag and we will issue your $5 deposit refund.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: Currently, we deliver to Eau Claire and Altoona, WI but plan to add more cities soon. You can always verify your zip code in your cart to see if we deliver locally in your area!


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