Creating Custom Meals from Midwest Meals

Creating Custom Meals from Midwest Meals

Whether you are looking to get more specific with your diet, or you like a simple and delicious meals, our custom meals are always a great option! 

The process is easy: (1) order meals before Friday at midnight each week (we do not stock any custom meals in our storefronts), or better yet, set up a subscription for the ultimate convenience, (2) we cook your meals fresh on Sunday and (3) your order is ready to pick up or ships out on Monday! 

Let's dive a little deeper, exactly how do you set up that custom meal? 

Configuring a Build-A-Meal On The Website

1. The first thing you will want to do, is visit our selection of build-a-meals. We offer a variety of protein sources: from chicken, turkey, and steak to black bean burgers and salmon burgers

2. After you pick your protein source, you are going to see three dropdown options to configure your build-a-meal: (1) vegetable choice, (2) carb choice, and (3) sides.


3. Vegetable choice: this is going to be a selection of veggies like broccoli and green beans. Occasionally we will update these ingredients, but they stay stable for the most part. Each choice is one serving of the veggies.

4. Carb choice: this is going to be your primary source of carbs for this meal. Much like the veggies, we will occasionally update these ingredients but they stay stable for the most part. 

  • You can alway substitute your carb choice for a double portion of veggies, or no carb if you have a lower carbohydrate intake requirement. 

5. Sides: this is a way to "spice up" your meal if you are looking for a little more flavor. Pick from lower calorie options from Walden Farms, salsa, or BBQ.

6. Quantity: pick how many of this particular build-a-meal you would like.


Build-a-Meal Nutrition Facts

On each build-a-meal page, you will see the nutrition for each ingredient broken down. However, you can also search "Midwest Meals BAM" in MyFitnessPal to track or configure your build-a-meals. To do this:

1. Visit MyFitnessPal app on your favorite device
2. Select the + button and click food
3. Search for "Midwest Meals BAM"
4. On the bottom of your screen, click "Multi-add" and configure your build-a-meal options

Frequently Asked Question About Build-a-Meals 

 Q: Can I Change it from 4 to 5 OZ? 

A: Unfortunately we do not change the portions on these. However, we measure our protein after it has been cooked so you get more protein per meal than weighed pre-cooked.

Q: Why Isn't There Nutrition Info On the Label? 

A: Our build-a-meals have over 1,000 possible configurations at this time. Our software doesn't currently allow this to print, but are working to include it.  

Q: Do You Make Meals Specific to My Macros If I Give Them To You?

A: We do not. We give you a solid base to pick from and pick meals that will fall within your macro guidelines. If you need help setting up your nutrition, you can use our free macro calculator!

Q: How Accurate are They?

A: We weigh out each individual ingredient - no "scooping approximate protein" or "close enough" with us!


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